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NGT is a Jordanian Company with an experienced and talented team. The directors of NGT have their roots in the information and telecommunication industry, designing and developing solutions for real businesses. NGT was established in February 2003.
NGT is managed by a board of directors with extensive experience in business, investment, management, data networking and delivery of innovative solutions & services for a number of leading GSM operators.
NGT is a licensed Service Provider and has agreements with all the local GSM operators to provide SMS/MMS messaging solutions & services. Also, NGT has implemented a number of solutions and services to regional operators and companies.
NGT has implemented a number of SMS & MMS based applications & services for PUSH & PULL messaging to a number of leading corporate companies as well as government entities.
NGT’s in-depth knowledge and our expertise in supporting multiple channels collaborate the strengths of our Managed Messaging Platform (MMSP) that can offer a carrier-grade capability to cater for high PUSH & PULL SMS messaging volumes.

Our Vision

• To develop, integrate and deploy state-of-the-art innovative & customized solutions to the ICT marketplace. • To be a leading ASP in the local and regional market by offering a managed messaging service platform to act as an SMS/MMS messaging HUB (Managed Messaging Service Platform MMSP) centralizing connections to a large number of local & regional mobile operators, and to provide SMS based applications and services (Push & 2-Way Pull SMS/MMS) to corporate, content providers and application providers. • To be a leading m-payment, m-commerce gateway to provide mobile payment transactions & services.

Products & Services

1. Managed Messaging Service Platform (MMSP)
NGT MMSP provides a complete infrastructure with High Capacity (Carrier Grade) to manage SMS/MMS distribution, information subscription, and can integrate corporate information with the mobile world. With NGT’s MMSP services, mobile users can conveniently receive pulled or pushed information, which is tailored to their requirements.

Our platform will provide enterprises with the ability for Application Oriented (AO) – Mobile Terminated (MT) Messaging.
Our messaging Platform provides different API’s, which makes the Applications Protocol agnostic.

Some typical applications and services where SMS & MMS Messaging (Push/Pull) is of high utility and which are based on our managed messaging platform (MMSP) are:
• EDULINK PUSH & PULL SMS Messaging Service for Educational institutions such as universities, colleges & schools. • Sales & field Force Automation • e-government solutions & services • Job Dispatch • Airline Information System • SMS Advertising/marketing • SMS banking • Credit Cards management • SMS periodic reminders, alerts/notifications • SMS event based alerts/notifications • SMS custom alerts/notifications • Subscription services for content providers , application providers and ISPs • Interactive 2-Way PULL SMS/MMS Messaging • New products, services and promotions • Interaction with Employees, clients , customers & citizens • On line Data base integration • Network and Equipment Monitoring by SMS (SMSMON)

2. Data Networking Applications & solutions.

NGT can provide state-of-the-art turn-key solutions for the following:

• Design, implementation and maintenance of LAN/WAN networks. • Management solutions for Internet, intranet, and voice networks. • Prepaid systems. • Digital Wireless Data Communication Solutions. • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions for next generation networks. • Structured cabling for UTP and fiber optics.

3. Research & Consultancy services.

We can offer our technical experience to the telecommunication and IT sectors in addition to other enterprises (such as wire line and wireless operators, financial institutions and ISP’s etc…) that are in need of consultation services in the ICT field.


Contact Information:

Omar Jundi
General Manager
Tel: +962 6 4619055
Fax: +962 6 4619155
Mob: +962 795530135

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